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Fanateer offers the best water games suitable for the summer! With these fun water balloons your kids will never finish their water battles. The innovatively designed toy is easy to pack and is reusable over and over to make the fun never-ending! It is more suitable for outdoor yards and gardens. It is one of the sweetest games for boys and girls

Contents of the best water balloon games:

8 balloons per box: 4 in pink and 4 in blue

Filled with a spout that allows water to enter using the tap, through the pool, by pouring the flask or any other filling method possible

The child can play with it either by pushing the nozzle down to become like a ball and then throwing it, or by holding the tip of the nozzle and rolling it in the air and then throwing it

The stronger the throw, the bigger and more fun the water splash

Reusable more than once, you don’t have to collect small scattered balloon pieces anymore

Knit and does not break into pieces

Suitable for playing in the gardens and outdoor yards, on the beach or in the pools

Skills that the child acquires from the game:

Develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and leads to the improvement of various skills

It contributes to teaching new concepts such as gravity and balance, and provides the child with simple engineering information

Fun interactive game perfect for spending time with the family

Helps unload the child’s excess kinetic energy and harness it in something useful

Integrating physical growth, strengthening bones and muscles, and ridding the body of stress and harmful secretions

Encouraging the child to move and maintain his health, as lack of movement leads to low levels of fitness

An opportunity to discover the natural environment, go on adventures, and get to know the community surrounding the child

Spending time in sunny weather can help your child absorb more vitamin D

Strengthens the spirit of social interaction in the child and teaches him the skill of communicating with others


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