Think Fun Hot Spot Peg Juming Game


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Ulbaa provides modern and beautiful games Think Fun Hot Spot to have fun with friends, in the red dot game you have to reach the last point by jumping over the other pawns

Number of players: 1 player

Contents of Think Fun Hot Spot Games:

6 colored pawns

play base

bag for storing toys. 40 challenge cards with instructions and solutions. Choose one of the cards included with the game. Pawns are placed as indicated on the card. A pawn can be moved horizontally or vertically by jumping over another pawn .You win the game when you can get the red pawn to the red point .No pawn can move to an empty point, a pawn moves by jumping over another pawn only .You can jump over one or two pawns per turn .A red pawn cannot be next to a big blue pawn, or two blue pawns next to each other

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