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    Barbie Cake Decorating Playset With Blonde Doll, Oven & Barbie Dough


    Product Details

    • Barbie baker doll comes with a sweet playset that lets kids “bake,” decorate and display cakes using Barbie dough and fun working features!
    • The bakery island has an oven with a removable mold for 2 cakes, one big and one small, to create cakes with 1 or 2 layers!
    • Fill the mold with the included dough (3 colors are included), shape using the dough flattening piece, place in the oven, and pull the lever to watch the cakes “rise” -mmmm!
    • Decorate the sides of a layer by placing it on the cake stand and selecting 1 of 3 designs; then slide the lever to bring the stand closer to the stencil and spin by hand to imprint the dough.
    • Stack layers for the perfect combination then top with 1 of 3 sweet cake toppers!
    • A display case and register let young entrepreneurs sell their creations, and a place setting and to-go box complete the transaction and move on to the next!
    • Barbie doll is ready to serve up fun wearing a professionally themed outfit with a cake-decorated apron.